Connect Centre Lukomera computer makeover

Jerry Dugdale | March 2, 2019

Connect Centre Lukomera computer makeover
One of the first classes to use the new computers

Great excitement from the local schools as the extended computer area was opened at the Connect Education Centre Lukomera. The number of workstations has doubled from 6 to 12, along with a new software package specifically designed for developing countries.



Computer teacher Milly with the students. Individual headsets and videos/exercises are a real hit.


The computers were funded via 'Learning Equality' who have developed the new free access academic software called 'Kolibri'. The funding also covered upgrading the solar capacity at the site to handle additional demands. Bearing in mind that none of the schools we partner with have computers for primary students; this is a major benefit of attending the Connect Centre. Big thanks also to Neil Kirkland who has helped get the system up and running - sometimes a lonely task!

IMG_2006.JPG DSC01570.JPG

The grant is in 2 phases - the next phase is for the Connect Education Centre in Gulu in April.....which at the moment is getting beaten around in readiness for the new equipment.


Thank you Learning Equality!