Computer time

Jerry Dugdale | October 4, 2014

Computer time
Eager children using the new computers

Term 3 started, and with it came the unveiling of the new computer installation at The Bridge. This area has been squeezed into the library...a tight fit! But as you can imagine, this has proved extremely popular with everyone - definitely the favourite place to be! This is a major step forward for The Bridge as there are no computers available in any of the local primary schools.

Brenda, the new IT teacher has started giving basic lessons  - normally to 12 at a time. This is a pilot project funded by Dutch charity HE Space Childrens Foundation. Over the next year, we will be assessing the impact of introducing computing at this early stage. Brenda has also come up with a program for the local teachers - watch this space for news updates.


Unfortunately the computers also means that The Bridge becomes a bigger target for theft - so Stan has had the security beefed up around the site to stop that happening. Petty theft is always a real threat when there is so much poverty locally - desperation is a serious motivator - something that we can so easily forget in the West. But so far so they say 'prevention is better than a cure'.