Phil Ball | June 16, 2013

We haven’t got a river, but the pool and bucket were symbolic

Over the last three months, following requests by the students of WTA, we have been working with teachers, students and the Scripture Union to decide  how to conduct a baptism service at the school.

Today, we baptised 9 young people, which turned out to be a pretty wild time of celebration! Some of the students are not used to being completely under water, so the bucket finishing the job was essential to “full immersion.” This no doubt, will be the start of something new for the life of the school and we will find a way of  it continuing within the school in the future. 

There were a number of issues to be navigated, such as denomination and culture.  However, we agreed to ignore the things that weren’t important and focussed on what scripture teaches us about baptism, using Jesus as our example.

The photographs will hopefully give you a good feel of what the morning meant to everyone involved. It was a privilege for the 5 of us still in Uganda, to be part of it.


It took quite a few runs to the boreholes to fill the pool


The students and Sarah, a former S6 student who had travelled a distance today, duly assembled.


Sande was the first student.


Elspeth & Michèle pray for Sarah – many of you may recognise her!

There are many more photographs on the ServeDirect Facebook page, which is available for public viewing.  Do take a look!

What a landmark day!