Another Rothwell at Wobulenzi

Elspeth Dugdale | November 2, 2014

Another Rothwell at Wobulenzi
Will teaching about Circulation and Blood Pressure

Another Mr Rothwell has appeared at WTA this month. Will Rothwell is Sue and Stan's son, and is in Uganda for a visit, having recently graduated in Biomedical Science from Newcastle University. We're not sure if Will thought he was coming out on holiday and for a rest, but within a day or two of arriving on site, he was in the classroom and on the Science teaching timetable.

Reports coming through from the WTA classes indicate that they are really enjoying Will's interactive Biology lessons, but apparently have also been admiring his dress sense too!


A serious point to add is that Science teaching and Secondary Science overall is a great area of concern in Ugandan Education at the moment. All three Science subjects are compulsory at O' level, whatever the level of student. Good teachers are hard to find outside Kampala and therefore in very high demand. They are also particularly difficult subjects to teach to large groups of students, (most classes are 60 - 100 pupils)  so extra help, particularly at exam times, is particularly welcome and appreciated.