Jerry Dugdale | December 6, 2015

New bike ambulance handed over to Charles Opio

The Rock now has an ambulance! Big thanks to the team from New Life Church in Romsey, who donated money for this innovative ambulance designed by Pulse Uganda. These versatile trailers can be pulled behind bicycles or motorcycles - giving access to health facilities for those in rural areas where there are no roads. And this is provided for a fraction of the cost of a standard vehicle. 

ambulance2a.jpg ambulance3a.jpg

The trailer was built on site - with training given to selected motorcycle drivers who have been chosen for their reliability and honesty.

These ambulances have proved extremely effective in difficult childbirth circumstances. The Rock has been focused on providing maternity care so this trailer is an excellent addition to their services. Annett, who manages The Rock, took the first passenger ride between the health centre and the local hospital - apparently a very comfortable ride!


For more information about these innovative vehicles - see