Why we do it

We have described ServeDirect as being 'community based' and 'working in partnership' with locally established projects. In practice what does that mean? We have been very fortunate to come across a few inspiring, hopeful people, full of skills and vision, but with limited resources. If it is possible to share some little resources, some funding  and some mutually beneficial skills, it simply makes good sense to work with them and to share what we have with what they have.

Sharing Ideas, Combining Skills and Connecting Resources

 By being able to spend time with those same inspirational people, by listening to them and understanding some of the complexities of the situation from their point of view, this helps to build a realistic picture of what is feasible, practical, necessary and sustainable.

Taking Steps to Get Out of Poverty

Education, health, and for many people, faith, are the vital steps someone needs to be able to take to start to make a move out of the endless, repressive pit of poverty.

Most people just need a chance, an opportunity to start to be able to climb out. Nothing that difficult. An offer of good schooling in a solid, nurturing environment, and the backup of good quality healthcare can do this.

ServeDirect was founded on Christian principles but our work includes people of all faiths. As Christians we are prompted by this verse in the Bible - which is also the school motto:

Act Justly, Love Mercy and Walk Humbly  (Micah 6v8)

Read our testimonials to find out what difference our work makes.