About the people

In Uganda, ServeDirect has 3 unpaid staff from overseas: Johannes and Ge Holwerda from The Netherlands who work alongside the 3 projects based in Lukomera, Wobulenzi Town Academy, The Rock Health Centre and The Connect Education Centre. Melissa Rogers from the USA is based in, and works with our new Connect Education Centre in Gulu.

The 4 founders are Jerry & Elspeth Dugdale and Phil & Michèle Ball - all who have lived and worked in Uganda, but are now based back in the UK. Jerry & Elspeth currently spend about 6 months a year in Uganda, based between Lukomera and Gulu.


Jerry and Elspeth Dugdale

Jerry and Elspeth lived in Uganda full time for 5 years, primarily working at WTA and in Lukomera. They became UK based in 2014, but still spend half of their time in Uganda.

Jerry put his engineering background to good use and has been overseeing the ongoing building at the school, which moved to a new purpose-built site in 2011. He helps with school management, budgeting and... catching snakes.

Elspeth is a secondary school teacher and has been part of the teaching staff at WTA, teaching English, General Studies and Activate - a Christian lifeskills programme. More recently, she has been involved in teacher training and overseeing 'The Connect Education Centres', which is a great excuse to go back to reading children's books.

Phil and Michèle Ball

Phil and Michèle lived in Uganda for 6 years, working in Kampala and also at WTA. They are now based primarily back in the UK.

Phil has a background in construction and civil engineering, initially working in engineering environments whilst serving with HM Forces. His passion is mixing concrete , being lowered into boreholes, rugby (particularly Bath!), and eating cold chocolate.

Michèle is a registered independent midwife; her principal interest is with The Rock Health Centre and seeing an improvement in health care in the Lukomera community.


In the UK and abroad, ServeDirect has an ever expanding network of friends and colleagues, who support us in a variety of ways. Some choose to come out on a team trip, some prefer to support from their home country - and many do both! These great people fundraise, support and represent ServeDirect in their own communities, linking up schools,  health professionals and other individuals to the projects in Lukomera.

We regularly host team trips to Uganda, where groups of individuals can visit, work, stay locally and get involved and be inspired.


Nick Allen
Phil Ball
Jerry Dugdale
Lucy Freckleton
Simon Hunter (Treasurer)