Volunteer story: Rachael O’Keefe

November 2012

Rachael O’Keefe

There were so many moments that provided me with inspiration: I witnessed these wonderful children learning how to play tennis, being taught how a steam engine works, discussing their future dreams of work. They have so much drive and grit to learn and better their futures; they take responsibility from such a young age to clean, wash their clothes and look after their own needs. This is all just normal to them and they have no idea how much inspiration they could give our own youngsters and how much they could teach them about life skills. They are so humbling in the way they can look at our lives.

This was truly a life changing experience and one that has made me feel very fulfilled, helped me to grow and believe in my own abilities. It was a privilege to part of the Bigfoot team and I have made lifelong friendships from the opportunity. I feel an overwhelming desire to go back some time and take my family if possible. It is an experience that I would encourage anyone to take.