Volunteer story: Phil

Wobulenzi, November 2011


The first time I walked round the school in Wobulenzi, Uganda, I was so overwhelmed with all sort of strange feeling, despite being told what to expect. I jumped right in on the first day's work full of energy. Even after the first day I was so tired from working up and down the step ladders all day, but it felt good that I was now starting to help and I could not wait for the next day to start as I was starting the sports events I had organised. I ran a football world cup competition whilst I was there. I have never had so much enjoyment out of refereeing a match of football, and to see how happy the boys were whilst playing and even watching the game made me feel again overwhelmed with so many emotions that are purely indescribable.

One of the main things that kept me going over the trip was seeing the people who I was doing all the work for. I remember when we got a boy to turn on the lights in there dormitories for the first time his face just lit up with joy, excitement. It then hit me that these people have so little whilst we at home have so much. I am very thankful of what God has done for me in my life, and now as Charles Opio (the school's headmaster) had put it "through Serve Uganda (SU) God is working in their lives."

On Sunday, we were invited to join them in their worship, which was a special experience for all of us. Although SU has a Christian ethos, non-Christians are welcomed and there were a number in the team. I believe it is fair to say that everyone, Christian and non-Christian, was affected by the spiritual and ethical challenges of the visit.
Lastly and most importantly, it was a very humbling experience that challenged many views in my life. It was truly what they say is a "life changing experience". I would hugely recommend going on this sort of trip to everyone.