On yer bike...?

Jerry Dugdale | July 12, 2022

On yer bike...?
Getting on a bike...

Literally on yer bike! The Rock Health Centre is fundraising for a motorcycle to help in medical cases. They currently have a great ambulance trailer but local motorcycle riders have proved increasingly unreliable - especially at night when taking difficult to handle cases to larger facilities ....



A brand new motorbike costs £1250 which represents good value. The bike will have plenty of use with both emergency referrals and with medical tests etc. (Jerry - 'I am also looking forward to giving it a test ride which I will post when they have been able to buy it!'). Please click here to view the fundraising film made by The Rock staff.


And then please help if you can, by clicking on the donate button above - thank you!

For your information, The Rock is now self sufficient in regard to running costs including offering a range of free medical care to under 5s and to older people. It just needs a helping hand with larger capital expenditure, such as the motorcycle.