'Life is an egg'' & other pearls of wisdom from the ‘Pearl of Africa’

Elspeth Dugdale | June 11, 2022

'Life is an egg'' & other pearls of wisdom from the ‘Pearl of Africa’

Assemblies at the beginning & end of term at WTA are packed full of wise words, stern warnings, reminders – and just enough encouragement to sound positive. Always worth listening to. Here are some recent gems from Headteacher Benard who knows exactly how to encourage and admonish at the same time.


  1. Protect yourself and guard your life.
  2. Let us adjust to school – we are back - the primary reason is to study.
  3. Don’t forget your home issues, don’t forget where you come from & don’t you come here for coupling..
  4. LIFE IS LIKE AN EGG – don’t break it. It’s not reversible.
  5. Remember your parents & your home background. Remember they raise money to bring you back to school in time
  6. Don’t be indisciplined as you’re big, mature people. We caution you not to misbehave.
  7. You don’t need reminding about washing the dishes at home, so be organised in school with schoolwork & chores.
  8. Be a disciplined person. You should be an example to the rest.
  9. Some of you went home speaking English to impress your family & neighbours. Why don’t you do that at school?
  10. Take care of yourselves. If you don’t have AIDS, stay safe, eliminate all possible ways to acquire AIDS and always control yourselves
  11. The school feeds you well -  so you look more attractive
  12. Read more and more!
  13. Imitate any teacher who is a good role model. I speak to you as a teacher, parent, friend.
  14. You do have so much opportunity. However, there are five students I have already warned - this is the last warning - otherwise I will name and shame them.
  15. We want a good school that is organised.

Some of these will ‘translate’ well – some would definitely be more challenging and ‘eyebrow raising’ in a similar setting in a UK school! At WTA, when HM Benard speaks, everyone listens.


Listening hard and, hopefully, wisdom-receiving ......